Fully integrated into the WorldSkills International movement, WorldSkills Africa connects member countries global partners, governments, regional, continental, international organizations, educational institutions, and non-governmental partners to create and facilitate initiatives for sustainable skills development for youth in Africa. Through various skills development projects and activities, the main goal is the future establishment of WorldSkills Africa, which is a continental platform that sits within the African Union to support and facilitate skills development initiatives with the WorldSkills network.

The African Union is a key partner. The AU’s Agenda 2063 for continental development emphasizes developing greater links with industry and alignment to labour markets, with a view to improve the skills profile, employability, and entrepreneurship for youth and women, and closing the skills gap across the continent. The creation of WorldSkills Africa plays a crucial role in achieving the goals and vision of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union. Click on the links below and learn more about WorldSkills Africa, its member countries and its projects.